The CrazyNerds

The CrazyNerds centers on the exploits and adventures of a bunch of 6th graders attending the same  junior high school in the fictional town of Town Polis.

Test version 1 colored

We follow the main characters as they go through life one day at the time while trying to figure out their inner world as well as the world that surrounds them. Well, it’s no easy task to grow up sane when the world around you literally makes no sense at all. But with good humor, things are easier to digest… Sort of.
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Moreover, their stories are meant to evoke the nostalgia of those early school years, a little before “The Age of Reason”, when we thought everything was possible, and thus behaved in reckless and crazy ways without giving any thought to the consequences of our actions…

Gosh, where on earth can I find a time machine around here?

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